Out door facilities 2Preschool is such an exciting, new adventure for your child. They are learning how to function in a new environment away form home and familiar others.  Children start learning how to manage new routines, participate as part of a group and form relationships with teachers and other children. They begin to build trust, an important skill for all future learning.

Our Preschool session times run from 8:15am to 3pm according to a group roster (see below).  Sessions are structured to help the children settle in for the day and include various learning and play activities with an aim to help them develop and grow.

The pre-school is open to all families and we invite you to call and make a time to come and visit us during a kindy session.  To enrol your child in Zion Preschool Click Here

Preschool Session Times

MONDAY – Group 1
All day
8.15am – 3.00pm

TUESDAY – Group 2
All day
8.15am – 3.00pm

All day
8.15am – 3.00pm

THURSDAY – Group 2
All day
8.15am – 3.00pm

FRIDAY (each groups attends on a fortnightly basis)
11.00am – 2.00pm
Group 1 = odd weeks
Group 2 = even weeks

Over a fortnight cycle, children access 30 hours of preschool

What Your Child Will Do At Preschool

A preschool session is structured in the following ways:-

1. Settling in time at beginning of the session.
2. Group Jesus Time and finding out about the activities available.
3. Learning through play – children are able to choose activities both indoors/outdoors.
4. Group time, where explicit teaching takes place.
5. Shared fruit time – children bring their own fruit to eat.
6. More time for learning through play.
7. Packing up time.