Quiz Night & Auction – 2015

On Saturday 27th June, 65 people braved the cold to come along and support Zion Preschool.

Martin Kennedy was our Quiz Master for the evening, and he challenged us with a wide variety of questions. Throughout the evening, people bid against each for a wide variety of items up for auction.

We raised $1398, which will go towards our outdoor development.
Stage 1  is the new storage shed which will be happening in the school holidays.

A BIG thank you must go to the fundraising committee for collecting all the donations from the following businesses:-

  • That’s Furniture,
  • Hairhouse Warehouse Elizabeth,
  • Vadoulis Garden Centre,
  • Adelaide Crows Football Club,
  • Mitre 10, Castrol,
  • Tina Pratt,
  • Essential Beauty,
  • Gawler Cinema,
  • Fino Seppeltsfield,
  • Cheesecake Shop,
  • Austwide Computers,
  • Flowers Delight,
  • Hair Space,
  • Little Red Door Hair Studio,
  • Cafe Sia,
  • Crazy Monkeys,
  • Adelaide Royal Show,
  • Michel’s Pattiserie,
  • Anamalia Vet Clinic,
  • Mega Health,
  • Cafe Farina,
  • Bake and Brew,
  • Cafe Nova,
  • Cash Converters,
  • Spellbound,
  • Open Book,
  • Sieber Road Wines,
  • parent donations and anyone who we might have accidentally missed.

Thank you so much.

What’s Been Happening At Zion Preschool?

Holiday Changes

During the recent school holidays, staff spent time re-arranging the preschool indoor area. We had been talking about and attending professional development sessions on; Creating Inspiring Learning Environments.  A very strong emphasis was placed on ‘less is more’.

When the children walked in on day 1 of this term, they absolutely loved all the changes.


Medieval Day

Recently we held a Medieval Day. This came about from the children’s interest in knights, castles, dragons, princesses.

The children made all the props for the play in which they performed and also helped prepare the food for the medieval feast.  On the special day the children came dressed up as knights and princesses.

We even had 2 special visitors from the Gumeracha Medieval Fair. It was a great day full of dancing, jousting, face painting and activities such as shield making.




Health, Wellness & Pamper Evening

health-nightOn Saturday 24th August 2013, the Zion Preschool Fundraising Committee organized a fantastic evening aimed at focusing on the Health & Well being of others.

Whilst attendance numbers were low, the presenters were inspirational and the free trials were amazing.  The evening began with a 10 minute meditation presented by Riverdell Spiritual Centre. It was just what everyone needed.

We then heard short presentations from the following people, who also offered the free trials:-

  • Riverdell Spiritual Centre – Holistic approach to life
  • Thermomix – the easy solution to making ‘fresh’ everything
  • Mitise Health & Fitness – looking after ourselves & our bodies
  • FM Remedial Massage – maintaining our bodies
  • Tania Louise Skin Care – beautiful, natural products
  • Enjo – cleaning products that are not harmful
  • Your Inspiration at Home – delicious spices, oils, vinegars – YUM
  • Herbal Apothecary Healthshop – a variety of herbal teas
  • Karinya Health – Bicom Bioresonance Therapy

A BIG thank you to She’s Apple’s Gawler for their kind donation of fruit & vegetables to make the most amazing smoothies in the Thermomix.

Space Day

On Thursday 8th of August, Zion Preschool children arrived wearing some very ‘interesting’ space costumes.  There were a variety of aliens, monsters and children wearing crazy space helmets.

space-dayOver the past weeks, the children have been exploring space. Some interesting facts we found out were:-

  • Astronauts float on the moon;
  • The moon has craters;
  • There are aliens up there;
  • Some planets have rings around them

We talked a lot about what the air was like in space. We did an experiment of releasing balloons blown up with our own air and balloons filled with helium. We discovered that the balloons with helium kept going right up into space.

(Thanks to the Helium House for your kind donation of the balloons).

Zion Preschool Receives Exceeding Rating

Zion Preschool are excited and proud of our Government Rating

The Australian Government established a National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education & Care, to ensure the wellbeing of all children. The purpose of the framework is to assess at what rating level services meet the National Quality Standards.

Our centre was assessed against 7 quality areas:

  1. Educational program & practice
  2. Children’s health & safety
  3. Physical environment
  4. Staffing arrangements
  5. Relationships with children
  6. Collaborative partnerships with families & communities
  7. Leadership & service management


We are proud to say that Zion Preschool Centre received an overall rating of Exceeding National Quality Standards

Zion Preschool Olympics 2012

The flame has been extinguished!

Official opening


What a fantastic day we had at our Olympic Games on Thursday at St Brigid’s School. Their gym was a fantastic venue. Thanks St Brigid’s.

A big thank you to Franca for organizing the day.

A big thank you to all the children & their families for making the day fun.

Everyone did their best!


Playgroup – What’s in it for you and your child?

Playgroup has a wide range of benefits for both children and caregivers.

Our playgroup here at Zion is a safe place to bring your child offering a wide range of activities aimed at the 0 to 5 age group.

Social interaction is important at this stage of your child’s life, whether it be playing with other children or alongside them. Toddlers are quite happy to play next to others. This is part of their social development as they try to make sense of how to interact appropriately with other children.

By the age of three they are quite social and learning the fine art of sharing and taking turns.


Activities at playgroup are chosen to develop many skills your child will need when attending preschool. Sandpit play, painting, playdough and collage are all fantastic activities to develop fine motor skills, used for writing later on.

Social skills are promoted in the home corner, sandpit and activity tables. Climbing frames, cubby house play and ball throwing help to develop gross motor skills. Choosing songs to sing at the end of the session gives children a sense of belonging.

There is so much to be learnt through play!

While all of this is happening parents and caregivers are able to socialise and spend much needed quality time with their children. So, the answer to the question at the top of the page is….lots!!

by Trinette Lamb
Playgroup Coordinator

Graduation Week 2011

Grandparents are special people. They give lots of love, have fun times and share family history and traditions. Grandparents bridge the gap between young and old by sharing a wide variety of skills and knowledge with their grandchildren.

Some lovely picture books about Grandparents to share with your child are:-

  • ‘Grandmother’, ‘Grandfather’ by Jeannie Baker,
  • ‘Bamboozled’ by David Legge,
  • ‘Memory Bottles’ by Beth Shoshan
  • ‘Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge’ by Mem Fox.