About Zion Preschool

Zion Preschool is a Christian Preschool established by the Lutheran Parish of Gawler consisting of Zion and Immanuel Lutheran Churches.

Preschool Front


The Preschool was established in 1978 and was fully funded by the Parishes. Now the salaries of the staff are funded by the Department for Education and Child Development.

All other funding to meet the operating costs of the preschool comes from fees and fundraising. We encourage our preschool families, and the wider community to support fundraising events such as; sausage sizzles, raffles, star night, Christmas concerts and others.

Initially in the first year of operation, there were six children with one teacher plus one assistant. Today the preschool has a continuous enrolment of approximately 70 children per term who are supported by 3 teachers, 3 early childhood educators (ECE), a playgroup coordinator, support workers and a finance officer.

Zion Preschool continues to be involved in the community of Gawler with excursions to places such as nursing homes, the public library as well we have visitors into the our Preschool Centre.

There are approximately 11 primary schools in our district that our children move into after they complete their time at preschool. We aim to communicate where possible with all the district primary schools to help the children’s transitions.

To find out more about Zion Preschool please give us a call or send us an email.